Polip Youth Association

Hungary – Szekszárd

Polip Youth Association was founded in 2004 by experienced youth workers. It is a non-governmental youth association.

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Our goal is to help young people mainly in their everyday-problems, to give information, to organise trainings, sport and leisure time activities, to provide professional support for other organisations in our county.

Target group: 10-35-year-old young people, – children with less opportunities, – civil organizations within Tolna county

Our basic task is to provide several possibilities for young people to develop their personality. We would like to promote positive intercultural relations between local and foreign young people. The EVS/ESC volunteers help to work out our aims, bringing a different linguistic and cultural dimension to our association. Hosting volunteers give a non-formal learning way not only to the volunteers but the local young people, too. The common work and leisure time activities offer young people a taste of the foreign cultures whilst  they widens their horizon, and stimuli to get to know other countries and languages.


1. Information service

  • giving  information (personally and online)


  • giving advice (student rights and mentalhigiene)

3. Activities, clubs, programs


  • Youth Council (SZIFÖN) – supporting the local youth council
  • ICT training, programs about digital communication, digital addiction – we are a member of Digital Wellfare Program (DJP POINT) in Hungary network
  • Summer opening party – local festival
  • Student parlament – training for the student leaders
  • Student camp for vulnerable children
  • Multi-cultural events
  • Sport and leisure time activities
  • Student leader trainings, representation of students, children rights and interests, trainings about how to apply for a tender


  • Robotica Club
  • English Conversation Club with the ESC volunteers
  • Student Club – supporting children with bad backgrounds – learning with students. Our “student-community place” is open and free for the youngsters and it provides a place for them to spend their free time in a useful way.
  • Theatre pedagogy groups
  • IT Club – using community PCs and free internet


  • environmet and nature protection program
  • voluntary programs (Erasmus EVS, ESC) – the host partners are 4 local kindergartens with the support of the EU we invite volunteers from different countries to take part in our project called ’Creative activities with small children and young People’
  • animal wellfare programs  (dogshelter – paiting doughouses, taking dogs for a walk, taking care of dogs)
  • common projects on different topics with local, national and international civil associations
  • vocational internship programme for the vulnerable students (target countries are Portugal and Germany) (Erasmus+ VET program)

We are a EURODESK partner and a member of several kind of unions and organisations, and we cooperate with several organisation (associations, primary and secondary schools, democratic youth foundation, local democratic youth forum, foundations dealing people with less opportunities or disabled, association for social workers at the local university- PTE).

International projects

Volunteering for children                          2015-3-HU02-KA105-001310

Internship for disadvantages youth       2016-1-HU01-KA102-022736

EVS with small children                              2016-2-HU02-KA105-001698

Creativ works with youth people            2017-1-HU01-KA102-035369

Internship in German and in Portugal    2017-1-HU01-KA102-035630

Creativ works with small children            2018-1-HU01-KA102-047534

EUBILD-UNAKLIM                                       2016-1-DE02-KA204-003254

MOOC4ALL                                                   2019-1-DE02-KA201-006106